Works good

32" tv

Works good i dont have origenal controler but i do have a new universal cantrole u can have

IPhone 5s

If you are looking to reduce your power cost / energy bill , the easiest and most simple step is to change to LED lighting in your house-hold. The average LED light bulb can save you up to 70% in lighting cost and in the long run , that is a lot of money. But if you are not ready to switch to LED due to cost , high efficiency halogen lighting are also available to make sure your incandescent...
FOR SALE - A beautiful pair of hard to find Infinity classics. Made from 1973 to 1979, so yes they are vintage. Woofers were recently re-foamed and sound great! Original, tweeters and drivers. Dual tweeter setup; 1 in front for direct radiation, 1 in back to re-create a more true to life dispersion of sound. These sound as good as they look. Will hold their own against today's best, particularl...
Are you tired of carrier restrictions? Do you wish you could install a custom UI on your Android device? Do you wish you had the freedom to remove any carrier specific application you wanted? Do you wish your device was faster? Well...look no further. That's right! I will root any Android device (if applicable) & unlock your device's full potential. My fee is $20 - $80 (depending on the difficu...
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